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We work with QAA Members in Scotland across a range of activities specific to Scotland, working collaboratively to support our shared commitment to enhancing and enriching the learning experience of students.


Our work is enhancement-led, in line with the Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF) The QEF supports higher education institutions in managing the quality of the student learning experience and provides public confidence in academic standards. We support our partners through peer review, quality enhancement and the student learning experience.


Enhancement-led Institutional Review 


We provide external quality arrangements that are valued and respected, providing assurance to the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) enabling it to meet its statutory duty, as well as to governing bodies, institutional partners, staff, students, graduates and the wider public. Our approach is enhancement-led and responsive to the context of each institution. Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR) is our review method for higher education institutions in Scotland and is an important component of the QEF. We are currently concluding our fourth cycle ELIR cycle and have recently published our Evaluation Report.

Scotland’s flagship Enhancement Themes

Working with the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC) and the Theme Leaders’ Group, we plan and manage national Enhancement Themes. The current Theme, Resilient Learning Communities, aims to support increased diversity in the student population and increased flexibility in the modes of delivery.


We are currently undertaking a significant sector-wide evaluation of the Themes to help us understand how, and to what extent, they have impacted the student experience and approaches to enhancement.

Focus On - practical support for specific issues

Our Focus On projects draw on topics emerging as themes from Enhancement-led Institutional Review reports and endorsed as priorities by our members, guaranteeing that they are useful and relevant. They involve development activities, resources and events centred on the chosen area to benefit the whole sector. Previous Focus On projects include Technology Enhanced Learning, Graduate Skills, and Feedback from Assessment. The current project is Professional Services Partnerships.

Supporting collaborative engagement and sector-wide discussion

As part of membership, QAA Scotland supports SHEEC, The Quality Forum (TQF), and leadership of the Enhancement Theme. We also encourage the active participation of students as partners in our work and in quality enhancement in Scotland.


We are frequently invited to contribute to Universities Scotland and SFC committees, and to the development and implementation of relevant government initiatives and priorities, as well as participating in working groups where our expertise is of value.


We undertake thematic and analytical reporting to help the sector gain insight into what Scotland does well and where there are challenges to address.

UK-wide membership programme for 2022-23

In addition to the Scotland specific activities outlined above, QAA Members in Scotland have access to all of QAA's UK-wide membership activities and services.


A detailed description of the Membership offer for 2022-23 can be found in our Membership in Scotland brochure.

QAA Membership 2022-23 brochure - Scotland

Publication date: 10 May 2022

QAA Membership Terms and Conditions for Higher Education Providers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Publication date: 27 May 2022

Contact us

For further information about QAA Membership, please give the Membership Team a call on 01452 557030 or email us.