Publicly funded higher education institutions are required to subscribe to QAA, both through their relationship with the public funding bodies and through their membership of the higher education institutions' own representative bodies (QAA's company members).

Further education colleges providing higher education that is directly funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England are also required, through their funding agreement, to subscribe to QAA.

Non-publicly funded bodies that hold renewable UK degree awarding powers are required to subscribe to QAA as a condition of the grant of those powers.

Voluntary Subscription Status

We welcome applications for voluntary subscriptions to QAA from:

  • UK non-publicly funded providers of higher education that do not hold UK degree awarding powers, and are not required to subscribe to QAA, either through their relationship with a public funding body or through their membership of one of the sector's representative bodies (QAA's company members)
  • further education colleges that are not required to subscribe to QAA.

An applicant for Voluntary Subscriber Status must in addition:

  • be a provider of higher education or higher level learning based in the UK
  • have undergone and been successful in a review and been judged to have been making progress that is at least 'acceptable' in any subsequent monitoring visit or activity
  • have, in QAA's sole opinion, a demonstrable track record of, and commitment to, quality assurance and enhancement.

To apply for subscription, please refer to our terms and conditions document.

Subscription rates

Subscription rates for the 2018-19 academic year.

For the purposes of subscriptions, the academic year runs from 1 August to 31 July.


Student numbersBandDescription
Up to 1,000A£2,875
1,001 to 4,000B£6,180
4,001 to 7,000C£12,721
7,001 to 10,000D£19,552
10,001 to 15,000E£26,028
15,001 to 20,000F£32,536
20,001 to 30,000G£36,000
30,001 and aboveH£45,000

Further information

You can download copies of the full criteria for voluntary subscription and the application form.

Criteria for Voluntary Subscription to QAA

Publication Date: 04 Apr 2018

This document includes QAA's criteria for voluntary subscription.

Author: QAA
Format: PDF
Size: 107 KB

Application for Voluntary Subscription to QAA

Publication Date: 04 Apr 2018

Please complete this form to apply for voluntary subscription.

Author: QAA
Format: DOCX
Size: 39 KB

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