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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – support and guidance

If you are an Access to HE provider or receiving institution, you can find all the latest COVID-19 support and information in this section.

Access to HE providers

Arrangements for the award and assessment of the Access to HE Diploma 2020-21


On 4 January 2021, the Prime Minister announced that all schools and colleges will be closed from 5 January 2021 as England moves into a third national lockdown. Following this announcement, we have published an update for providers about the arrangements for the award and assessment of the Diploma in 2020-21.



On 25 September 2020, we published the arrangements for the award and assessment of the Access to HE Diploma 2020-21, which explains how we will ensure that quality, standards and student outcomes will be maintained for Diplomas awarded this year. We published an update for providers and a more detailed guidance document, both of which are available below.




We also ran a series of webinars for course tutors and senior managers to explain these arrangements, a recording of which is provided below.


Webinar: Arrangements for the Award and Assessment of the Access to HE Diploma 2020-21 - Information for Providers

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2020


Frequently asked questions


To support Access to HE providers we have published a list of frequently asked questions on the QAA website.



Students completing the Access to HE Diploma before 31 July 2020

The following information relates to students that were due to complete the Access to HE Diploma before 31 July 2020.

Appeals process for calculated grades


We are all focused on making sure Access to HE students are not disadvantaged by these unprecedented times, including to allow for an appeal of calculated grades, where appropriate.  

Providers may, on behalf of students or in their own right, appeal the process of assessment for the award of the Access to HE Diploma that has been followed or against any sanctions applied by an AVA as a result of a maladministration or malpractice allegation. 

The Access Validating Agencies have collaborated to produce a process specifically to address the appeal of calculated grades. Appeals will be dealt with by the Access Validating Agency that validates your provision. AVA contact details are available from the AVA profile pages on our website.



Appeals Process: Information for appeals on calculated assessment grades by students and providers

Publication Date: 11 Jun 2020


Students sitting assessments


Students that do not feel that their estimated grades reflect their expected performance have the opportunity to choose to sit their assessments at the earliest reasonable opportunity (when all providers are operating normally). 

The following document gives information to providers on sitting assessments. It applies to students who received calculated grades from 20 March 2020 and were awarded a QAA-recognised Access to HE Diploma in July 2020.

Students are asked to contact their provider to register to sit assessments.


Access to HE receiving institutions


Admissions information regarding students who plan to complete the Access to HE Diploma by 31 July 2021


On 25 September 2020, we published an update on how Access to HE Diplomas will be awarded in 2021. We hope this will help all staff dealing with admissions to have the information they need to understand the arrangements for the award and assessment of QAA-recognised Access to HE Diplomas in July 2021.


Access to HE Students

Dedicated support and information for Access to HE students is available on the Access to HE website.