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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Review of Transnational Education in the Republic of Ireland

​​​​​During 2017, QAA undertook a review of UK transnational education (TNE) in the Republic of Ireland. The purpose of the review was to safeguard the reputation of UK higher education in this country, and elsewhere, by demonstrating a robust, independent approach to its quality assurance, and by doing so to support the further growth of high quality UK provision internationally.

Following an initial scoping exercise, we selected six TNE partnerships for review, the provision of which represents the range of UK TNE on offer in the Republic of Ireland. The findings are published as quality assurance reports on six individual partnerships, four case ​studies documents, and an overview report.

Country report

This report provides ​an overview of TNE and higher education in the Republic of Ireland, including a range of key statistics and summaries of the individual review reports and case studies.​

Review reports

The following UK TNE provision in the Republic of Ireland was reviewed.​

Case studies

As part of the review, QAA also developed a set of case studies.