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Audit of Overseas Provision Malaysia 2010

Map of MalaysiaUK institutions are responsible for the academic standards of their awards, whether delivered inside or outside of the UK. As part of QAA's work, we review the partnership arrangements that UK higher education institutions have made with organisations in other countries to deliver UK programmes.

In 2010, QAA undertook a review of how academic standards of UK higher education awards delivered in Malaysia are being maintained. We have published individual reports for the 10 institutions that were audited. In addition, we have published case studies on particular aspects of six institutions' partnerships.

Overview report

The overview report gives a description of higher education in Malaysia at the time of the audit, in order to provide a better understanding of the context in which the various collaborative arrangements are operating. It also provides analysis of the activity of UK universities based on survey results obtained before the audit.

Audit reports

UK collaboration in Malaysia: institutional case studies

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