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General Osteopathic Council Review

​​​QAA carries out reviews of osteopathic courses and course providers under contract from the General Osteopathic Council.

Under the Osteopaths Act 1993, the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) is the statutory regulatory body for osteopaths and osteopathic education providers. 

The GOsC ensures that courses of osteopathic education meet its requirements for standards and quality, as well as governance and management of the course provider. Those that do are recognised and awarded Recognised Qualification status. This allows graduates from those courses to register with the GOsC and practise osteopathy legally in the UK. The Recognised Qualification is subject to approval from the Privy Council.

Decisions concerning the granting, maintenance and renewal of Recognised Qualification status are made following reviews of osteopathic courses and course providers, conducted by QAA. The review method is known as GOsC Review.​

Further details about course providers, courses and course information, including published review reports, can be found on the GOsC website (opens in new window).

Handbooks and supplementar​​y information

General Osteopathic Council Review of osteopathic courses and course providers: Handbook for course providers (PDF 176KB)   

General Osteopathic Council Review of osteopathic courses and course providers: Handbook for visitors (PDF, 142KB) 

Guidance on developing an action plan after GOsC Review (PDF, 43KB)  

Indicative agenda for meetings with students (PDF, 44KB)

Review coordinator's self-evaluation checklist (PDF, 44KB)  

GOsC Review report structure (PDF, 42KB) 

Visitors' self-evaluation analysis template (PDF, 45KB) 

Protocol for unsolicited information (PDF, 52KB) ​

On an annual basis, each provider of Recognised Qualification(s) completes a monitoring report which is analysed by QAA. 

Note to providers: templates are supplied directly to providers by the GOsC each year.​​​​

News and updates

GOsC review newsletter, September 2016 (PDF 267KB)

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