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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education
QAA Knowledgebase

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QAA Knowledgebase to find features of good practice, recommendations and affirmations identified through QAA reviews.​

Good practice case studies

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We review higher education providers to ensure they maintain their academic standards and quality. Within this process, pr​oviders can potentially receive a commended judgement in the areas of learning opportunities, information and/or enhancement. 

We invite providers that have received commended judgements to submit case studies sharing their good practice. ​We also invite certain other providers to submit case studies if their practice has been of particular interest.

​​New case studies added​

In November 2016 we published 11 new case studies in areas such as: employer engagement; enhancing the student experience to aid retention; learning environment; programme offer and module choice; and learning and teaching strategies.

The case studies are published below and have been grouped under quality-related themes, organised alphabetically.  

Collection of case studies

​In June 2016 we published a collection of case studies, all sourced from UK institutions that ​underwent Higher Education Review in 2014-15. 

Assessment strategies

July 2016 - University of Birmingham
Reviewing assessment and feedback (PDF 33KB)

August 2014 - Richmond, The American International University in London​
Enhancing assessment processes (PDF, 157KB)

August 2014 - University of Reading
Web-based support for assessment (PDF, 52KB)

Curriculum design and programme offer

August 2014 - Roehampton University
Academic writing for international students(PDF, 47KB)

August 2014 - The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Tailoring admissions processes to student needs (PDF, 52KB)

Employer engagement

November 2016 - Northbrook College
Linking students with professionals: Creating 'Industry Week' (PDF, 30KB)

July 2016 - The Edge Hotel School
'Training the trainer' to support students (PDF, 30KB)

July 2016 - Furness College
Shaping the development of the local economy (PDF, 28KB)

November 2015 - South Devon College
Linking academic and employability skills through curriculum design (PDF, 236KB)

August 2014 - Ravensbourne 
Industry links (PDF, 38KB)

Enhancing the student experience to aid retention

November 2016 - SAE Education Ltd
Student retention project (PDF, 30KB)


July 2015 - Myerscough College 
Support for learners in the transition to higher education (PDF, 95KB)

Postgraduate research environment

May 2016 - University of Northampton
Training postgraduates to teach (PDF, 32KB)

Learning environment

Programme offer and module choice

November 2016 - University of Northampton
Using a team-based learning process for programme design (PDF, 29KB)

July 2016 - BIMM Ltd
Authentic work-based learning opportunities (PDF, 32KB)

July 2016 - University of Hull
A strategic approach to refreshing curricula (PDF, 30KB)

July 2016 - Runshaw College
Transition to and through higher education (PDF 29KB)

May 2016 - Royal School of Needlework 
Enhancing students’ employability (PDF, 28KB)

Promoting enhancement

November 2016 - University of Nottingham
Transforming Teaching Programme (PDF, 28KB)

July 2016 - De Montfort University 
Use of data in academic quality management (PDF, 27KB)

July 2016 - Derby College 
Supporting college-based higher education (PDF, 27KB)

May 2016 - Liverpool Hope University
A network for promoting enhancement (PDF, 50KB)

May 2016 - Plymouth College of Art 
Inclusive initiative for ongoing enhancement(PDF, 27KB)

Providing information

July 2015 - Myerscough College 
Use of management information systems(PDF, 89KB)

August 2014 - Bangor University
Peer Guide Scheme (PDF, 124KB)

August 2014 - Prifysgol Bangor 
Cynllun Arweinwyr Cyfoed -  Cymraeg (PDF, 99KB)

August 2014 - Roehampton University 
Managing international entry qualifications (PDF, 27KB)

August 2014 - Southampton Solent University 
A comprehensive student support system (PDF, 50KB)

August 2014 - University of Bath
Effective information provision (PDF, 168KB)

August 2014 - University of Leeds
Widening Participation PDF, 142KB)

August 2014 - University of Lincoln 
Information for new students (PDF, 124KB)

Recruitment and widening participation

July 2016 - Hugh Baird College 
Inclusive and welcoming recruitment processes (PDF, 29KB)

July 2016 - University of Sunderland
Supporting care leavers in higher education (PDF 49 KB)

Staff development

November 2016 - University of Northampton
Integrated staff development(PDF, 30KB)

November 2016 - University of Nottingham
Peer Observation College(PDF, 30KB)

July 2016 - University of Bedfordshire 
An ethos to improve teaching and learning (PDF, 26KB)

May 2016 - London School of Business and Management Ltd 
Supporting professional development in teaching​ (PDF, 32KB)

November 2015 - University of Wolverhampton 
Staff networks for promoting effective practice (PDF, 116KB)

Staff engagement

November 2015 - Walsall College 
Inclusive arrangements for student feedback(PDF, 118KB)

September 2015 - University of Southampton 
Students as leaders of enhancement (PDF, 106KB)

August 2014 - Bath Spa University 
Closing the loop on student surveys (PDF, 109KB)

August 2014 - Bournemouth University 
Strategic student engagement (PDF, 109KB)

August 2014 - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
Making use of student feedback (PDF, 35KB)

August 2014 - The University of Sheffield 
Development for Students' Union sabbaticals (PDF, 92KB)

August 2014 - The University of Sheffield 
Student engagement in enhancement (PDF, 14KB)

August 2014 - University of Lincoln
Student as Producer (PDF, 68KB)

Student engagement

November 2016 - Navitas UK Holdings Ltd
Student support mechanisms (PDF, 30KB)

November 2016 - Hull College
Embedding student as producer (PDF, 28KB)

July 2016 - University of East Anglia 
Flexible student representation in health sciences (PDF, 27KB)

July 2016 - University of Gloucestershire 
Appointment of formal school representatives (PDF, 27KB)

July 2016 - Hereford College of Arts
An imaginative approach to engaging students (PDF, 27KB)

July 2016 - Liverpool John Moores University
Enhancing the postgraduate student experience (PDF, 28 KB)

July 2016 - University of Winchester
The Student Fellow Scheme (PDF 28KB)

May 2016 - University of Southampton
Students as leaders of enhancement​ (PDF, 27KB)​

Supporting entry, retention and achievement

November 2016 - Ruskin College
Supporting transition for widening participation (PDF, 30KB)

Teaching and learning strategies

November 2016 - Navitas UK Holdings Ltd
Independent Learning Charter (PDF, 29KB)

August 2014 - University of Salford 
Promoting enhancement (PDF, 53KB)

August 2014 - Aberystwyth University 
Recognising and rewarding excellence in teaching (PDF, 139KB)

August 2014 - Prifysgol​ Aberystwyth 
yr ymrwymiad i gydnabod a gwobrwyo rhagoriaeth mewn addysgu - Cymraeg (PDF, 106KB)

August 2014 - Bangor University 
Dyslexia support (PDF, 150KB)

August 2014 - Prifysgol​ ​​Bangor 
Cefnogaeth Dyslecsia - Cymraeg (PDF, 125KB)

August 2014 - Royal Agricultural College 
Supporting students with disabilities(PDF, 24KB)

August 2014 - University of Warwick 
An integrated approach to innovation in teaching and learning (PDF, 48KB)​