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  • This report provides a synoptic account of the Transitions West Midlands project and the Good Transitions framework tool.
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    Subscriber Research Series 2015-16: Good Transitions: Lessons from the 'Transitions West Midlands' Project

    Publication date:Oct-2015
    Category:Research and development


    Following a call for expressions of interest to our subscribers in 2014-15, QAA commissioned six small-scale primary research projects intended to develop and share ideas which could offer real value to practitioners, providers and policy makers in higher education.

    This report is one of three on the topic of the transition experiences of entrants to higher education from increasingly diverse prior educational experiences. It was submitted to QAA as a joint collaboration by Birmingham City University and Solihull College & University Centre, and written by Amanda French, Michelle Kempson and Alex Kendall.

    This report discusses non-traditional students' perceptions about their academic capabilities, their confidence levels, and their ability to negotiate multiple responsibilities while completing a programme of study.

    Other reports from the series can be found in the Published research​ section of the QAA website.