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Student reviewers

​QAA currently has a pool of 82 student reviewers, who will be part of the review teams which carry out our reviews of universities and colleges in England, Northern Ireland and Wales during the next cycle of reviews. A student reviewer is also part of each review team for Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR) in Scotland, and QAA Scotland has its own pool of student reviewers.

Find out more about what it's like to be a student reviewer by watching the video below.

How to become a student reviewer

We often recruit for new student reviewers. In order to qualify to apply for the role of student reviewers, you must be a currently enrolled student with experience of at least 1 year of study or a sabbatical officer of a recognized students' union. Visit our Vacancies section to find out more.

Why do we have student reviewers?

QAA's student reviewers are one of the key elements in our aim to involve students more in quality assurance processes.
QAA began using student reviewers in 2009, when 45 student members were recruited onto our Institutional Audit teams.
Student reviewers quickly settled into the role and provided an anchor at the heart of the review process for the student experience, as well as contributing to the team spirit and the general operation of the review process. Since then, we have never looked back!​