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Lead student representatives

A lead student representative is appointed by the representative student body of a university or college undergoing a QAA review.  Their role is to make sure students get direct involvement in the review process and that the review team has wider access to students' points of view. Responsibilities include:

  • attending the first and final meetings between the review team and the university or college
  • liaising internally with the institutional facilitator to ensure smooth communications between the student body and the university or college during the review process
  • disseminating information about the review to the student body
  • organising or overseeing the student submission

What is the student submission?

For universities and colleges going through a QAA review, the student submission provides an impression of what it is like to be a student at that institution. It also demonstrates how students' views are incorporated into the decision-making and quality assurance processes of the university or college.

The student submission is often a written document although it can be in alternative formats, and uses student opinion, surveys and feedback to discuss students' views on certain key areas, which are all detailed in the student guidance below.

Preparing a student submission

We have prepared a variety of resources to help you collate and submit student input for a review.

Further information

Visit Reviews and Reports in order to understand the different review methods undertaken by QAA, and to find specific student reviewer related guidance for each method.