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Student Advisory Board

The Student Sounding Board was established in 2009 to provide an opportunity for informed discussions between students and QAA around developments in the higher education sector, and as an opportunity for students to share best practice and to input into the work of QAA.

This group is now called the Student Advisory Board and has a more formal role within QAA to help advise on issues relating to students.

Meetings are attended by QAA's Chief Executive and other members of the QAA Board, who meet students to gain an insight into student issues. Previous Student Sounding Board meetings have shaped national student-centred projects with NUS, introduced student reviewers onto QAA review teams, and driven QAA to rethink its overall strategy.


The Student Advisory Board 2013

The infographic below details what has been going on in the 4 meetings held in 2012-13. You can click the image for a larger version or read a text-only version.


An introduction to the Student Sounding Board by our Chief Executive, Anthony McClaran

Today, it is vital that students have the tools to shape the quality of teaching and learning in their place of study. At QAA we are committed to investing time, resources and expertise to ensure that students can have a significant impact on the quality of their own higher education.

Our Student Sounding Board has been at the centre of our progress in this area. Its invaluable guidance and input have led us to a better understanding of student priorities and issues, and to make a number of significant developments as a result.

I am pleased to report that QAA is now positively engaging with students across a wide range of activities, including research projects with the National Union of Students to build our understanding of student needs and to develop a sustainable model of student engagement.  We also have formal student representation on our Board of Directors, as well as student reviewers on our Institutional Review (England, Northern Ireland and Wales) and Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (Scotland) teams.

At a time when students are increasingly being placed at the heart of higher education, our overarching aim is to ensure that all QAA activities have a positive impact on the experience of the twenty-first century student.

Anthony McClaran
Chief Executive