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QAA responds to the review of post-18 education and funding

Date 08/05/2018
​QAA has published its response to the review of po​st-18 e​ducation and funding (PDF, 182KB)​. The review, launched in February 2018 by the Prime Minister, considers four key areas for tertiary education in England.
  • Choice and competition across a joined-up post-18 education and training sector
  • A system that is accessible to all
  • Delivering the skills our country needs
  • Value for money for graduates and taxpayers 
In our response, we make some key points and recommendations, including:​
  • There is no shortage of information and guidance about post-18 education options and costs available to prospective students. However, the range and variety of sources can be confusing.
  • QAA's reviews see higher levels of unsatisfactory judgements for colleges than for universities. The further education sector would benefit from a medium to long-term funding strategy to assure quality. (See Higher Education Review: Third Year Findings.)
  • The Access for HE Diploma has proved highly effective in providing a pathway to higher education for students without traditional qualifications.
  • QAA's research based on long-term analysis of student submissions​ shows a correlation between an increase in the importance students place on value for money and rises in the level of fees charged by institutions. 
  • A lack of funding to support living costs is a significant barrier to entry and success in higher education.​