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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

QAA responds to government consultations on HE regulation

Date 20/10/2017

​Following the passing of the Higher Education and Research Act in April, the Department for Education has launched five consultations on the regulation of higher education in England:

Commenting on the consultations, QAA’s chief executive Douglas Blackstock says:

‘As an organisation that has students involved in all of its work, QAA fully welcomes the new Office for Students.

‘QAA is the only organisation to have submitted an expression ​of i​nterest​ in becoming the designated quality body, which will have an important role in maintaining the widely respected approach of co-regulation of UK higher education.

‘As an independent body QAA protects the quality and standards of UK higher education: to ensure the best possible student experience, and strengthen the global reputation for quality enjoyed by our universities and colleges.

‘Should QAA be designated, it will play a key role in assessing quality and standards in England, and advising the Office for Students on whether applicant providers meet the high quality bar required to enter the system, award their own degrees, or achieve university title.

‘I would encourage anyone with an interest in higher education to use this opportunity to have their say on the wide range of issues these consultations cover.’

Existing quality assurance arrangements will continue in Scotland and Wales, with QAA as the independent body for quality and standards.

The DfE consultations close on 22 December. A further consultation, on the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, closes on 13 December.