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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

QAA film: Independence and the Future

Date 24/11/2017

In the final of our series of short films, university and college leaders take stock and share their thoughts on the future of higher education regulation, and why independence of judgement is necessary to give our quality assurance system credibility.

Speaking about QAA's place in higher education regulation, University of Liverpool Vice-Chancellor Janet Beer said: 'QAA work in partnership with the sector, and indeed in partnership with Government. But they maintain a sufficient distance and they are known to be independent, and this is the essence of the reputation of UK higher education.'

Our independence also reassures higher education providers that they can have a free and open exchange, and have the trust to work in partnership to change things for the better. 'Having that authoritative body of knowledge, which the QAA is, actually means that we can trust it even more', says the University of South Wales' Julie Lydon. 'We can share openly how we're working, and we know they will work with us in that independent way to help us drive up what we do.'

Looking ahead, the University of Glasgow's Frank Coton sums it up as: 'We need a body like QAA in the future. We need to ensure that we continue to have objectivity in the way that we consider quality within universities. And the collaborative work that the QAA has done has shown the sector that working collaboratively produces more than the sum of the parts.'

You can watch Independence and the Future, along with our other films about the work of QAA and the Quality Code, on our YouTube channel (opens in new window).