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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

QAA film: Higher Education, a Global Brand

Date 22/11/2017

In the latest short film from QAA, university and college leaders discuss UK higher education's reputation as a world-leading global brand, and why internationally acclaimed quality assurance is important.

The UK is a popular destination for international students, in large part thanks to the reputation for excellent academic standards and the quality of education on offer. This is good for the UK's economy.

'When you look at genuine global competitiveness, it's not a long list.' says Joe Docherty, Chief Executive of the Newcastle College Group. 'You have the City and finance. You probably have high value added export services. Higher education massively outperforms for this country. We've got global volume, scale, quality - and it is internationally recognised. An overused phrase: world class. But it is, and every metric says that.'

Speaking about the role that QAA has played to support this reputation, Professor Julie Lydon, Vice-Chancellor at the University of South Wales, said:

'People around the world can go to the QAA and say, "Can you tell me about that university? Can you tell me the quality of the degrees they're doing?", and it's why we as a UK higher education sector have been able to maintain a high quality global brand.'

The UK's approach is also valued by governments and universities around the world as a model for improving their own assurance systems. University of Birmingham Vice-Chancellor Sir David Eastwood said:

'The UK has an agency whose judgements are internationally respected, whose processes are internationally respected, and whose approach is not only recognised as best in class, but has influenced the developing assurance systems in other jurisdictions.'

You can watch Higher Education, a Global Brand, along with our other films about the work of QAA and the Quality Code, on our YouTube channel (opens in new window).