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QAA develops quality assurance data dashboards in partnership with Jisc and HESA

Date 08/09/2017

This summer, as part of the M5 Group, QAA has been facilitating a Business Intelligence (BI) labs (opens in new window) project, 'QA labs', with the purpose of developing a series of quality assurance focused data dashboards to support strategic, evidence-based decision making.

BI labs, delivered by Jisc and HESA, are an exciting national analytics service offering individuals from higher education institutions the opportunity to collaborate in cutting edge data manipulation and analysis.

By examining a wide range of data sources, insights are visualised through interactive dashboards using a tool called Tableau. These experimental dashboards will eventually be made available to the wider sector through HESA's web-based Heidi Plus service, which allows users to quickly access, extract and manipulate higher education data for planning and reporting.

The QA labs team has developed two user stories as a framework for dashboard development. Once completed, the dashboards will be presented at the Data Matters conference in November, jointly organised by HESA, Jisc and QAA.


An example of a dashboard in development.