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International Insights: Hong Kong

Date 05/06/2017

QAA's new International Insights series offers concise and informative overviews of countries' and regions' operating environments. The Insights are intended to support universities' and colleges' international activity.

Our first edition focuses on Hong Kong, which is currently the sixth largest host destination for UK transnational education (TNE), with 29,707 students studying programmes offered by 87 UK degree-awarding bodies.

As a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is of further strategic importance for UK higher education providers, as a way to access the mainland China student market.

QAA subscribers interested in finding out more about accreditation by the Hong Kong Council for Academic and Vocational Accreditation (HKCAAVQ) can come to a free briefing event on 9 June in London. Dr Clara Chong, HKCAAVQ, and QAA's Fabrizio Trifiro will be speaking at the event.

QAA will review UK TNE provision in Hong Kong in 2018, and will publish a full-country report for UK higher education providers on the Hong Kong regulatory context for TNE as part of this review.