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IAG Webinar: Credit frameworks and transfer

Developments in the credit landscape

Event date 27th February 3-4pm
Location Online

About this event

This Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) webinar will bring together experts in credit from across the UK to discuss and explore the role of credit in an evolving HE landscape. It will take into account the new regulatory framework for England, and approaches to credit in the devolved nations, and will include speakers from across UK HE. Participants will also be offered the opportunity to contribute QAA’s future work in this area.

Please note that this Webinar is open to QAA subscribers only. ​​


Clare Parks

Clare has worked in the Scottish higher education sector for almost 23 years. Her experience covers the key quality areas of  course approval, annual monitoring, subject review, external examining, collaboration, regulations and policy, student discipline, professional, regulatory and statutory body work, ELIR and other quality enhancement activities.

Leopold Green

Leopold is a lifelong ‘bureaucrat’ who loathes bureaucracy and is passionate that pragmatism and innovation should always succeed over compliance. He has spent over five years as Head of Quality at Sheffield Hallam University and before that spent 24 years in a variety of roles around QA, regulation and academic planning at De Montfort University. He is also chair of NUCCAT.

Dr Darryll Bravenboer PFHEA

Darryll is a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and has extensive experience of developing vocational and work-based higher education provision in response to the needs of a wide range of employment sectors in diverse professional contexts. Darryll is a Member of the QAA Advisory Group for the Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Characteristics Statement and Chair of Middlesex University's Accreditation Board. Darryll is also a Board Member of the University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC), and a Trustee and Board member of SEEC credit consortium.


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