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An introduction to the Hong Kong Council for Academic and Vocational Accreditation’s (HKCAAVQ) accreditation scheme for TNE

Event date 9 June 2017
Location QAA's London Office, WC2E 7EN

About the event

This QAA briefing event will provide an overview of the accreditation scheme operated by the Hong Kong Council for Academic and Vocational Accreditation (HKCAAVQ) and its benefits. It will be at QAA's London Office.

All Transnational Education (TNE) providers operating in Hong Kong are eligible to seek accreditation for their programme from HKCAAVQ, which is voluntary. An accredited non-local programme enjoys a similar status as an accredited local programme, and its qualification can be placed on the Qualifications Register and recognised under the HKQF. In addition students of accredited non-local programmes enjoy financial assistance provided by the Government.

QAA will review UK TNE in Hong Kong in 2018, and is working closely with HKCAAVQ to benchmark processes and standards with a view to recognising HKCAAVQ accreditation decisions. This means that in the future QAA will be able to rely on HKCAAVQ oversight of UK TNE in Hong Kong resulting in reducing the regulatory burden on UK providers.

Who should attend?

QAA subscribers that have TNE provision in Hong Kong and would be interested to find out about accreditation by HKCAAVQ. This event is free to QAA Subscribers. A maximum of two places per institution.


Dr Clara Chong, Registrar, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications.

Dr Fabrizio Trifiro, Manager International, QAA


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