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The UK approach to delivering employable graduates - Douglas Blackstock keynote address

Date 16/11/2017

QAA Chief Executive Douglas Blackstock has given a keynote address (PDF, 55KB) at the 3rd MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Higher Education Forum in Dubai.

His speech, Quality Assured: How UK universities and colleges deliver employable graduates, focused on approaches in the UK to ensure that all graduates have the right skills and attributes to equip them for the workplace, and can contribute to the wider economy and society.

Using evidence from the sector and QAA's own knowledge-base, he talked about:

  • employability
  • graduate data (DLHE and LEO)
  • findings from QAA’s reviews in relation to employability
  • case studies from the Royal School of Needlework and University of Sheffield
  • enterprise and entrepreneurship education
  • higher and degree apprenticeships
  • the work of the National Council for Universities and Business
  • challenges for the future.

Mr Blackstock said that creating 'global graduates' was one of these challenges: building a global outlook and intercultural experiences into the curriculum to ensure the UK and other graduates are well placed to take advantage of opportunities around the world, in the global marketplace.