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Consultation on the revised draft Subject Benchmark Statement for Dietetics (pre-registration)

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About this consultation

Dietetics (pre-registration): Draft for consultation

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Circular letter (PDF, 59KB)

The review is being led by a group of subject specialists including representatives from higher education providers; employers; professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs); and associated organisations.

Why we are consulting

QAA ensures the continuing currency of Subject Benchmark Statements through regular reviews of their content.

All draft revised Subject Benchmark Statements are subject to a period of public consultation. By asking for your comments, this will ensure that the changes reflect the sentiment of the entire subject community and that the document continues to hold value for all who use it.

The Statement has been updated to reflect the current context. Each Statement sets out the defining principles, nature and extent of the subject; subject-specific skills and other skills; teaching, learning and assessment; and benchmark standards.

Who should respond

We would be delighted to receive responses from anyone who has an interest in the subject. We welcome responses from all four UK countries, from staff and students within higher education or from those who have recently left, and from employers, PSRBs and any subject networks or organisations. 

What is the scope of the consultation?

The consultation aims to gather comment on each section of the Subject Benchmark Statement and how it sits with current practice in teaching and learning. We are also interested to hear about the usability of the document, including how students and employers would use the Subject Benchmark Statement and whether it is fit for purpose.