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Call for expression of interest in QAA Research project

Cultures of Quality in Higher Education: An International Perspective - Phase 2

Date 15/12/2015

QAA is inviting expressions of interest  from individuals or organisations interested in undertaking Phase 2 research into the cultures of quality assurance systems in higher education in different countries.

Phase 1 research provided profiles of quality assurance in nine countries, together with an overview report, and was published by QAA in November 2015.

The Phase 2 research aims to explore some questions raised by the previous research. It should provide an international perspective, evaluating the extent to which different quality assurance systems around the world create a culture of valuing and encouraging high quality research and teaching in their higher education systems. The main question, emerging for further investigation, has two parts:

  • Is a risk-based system of quality assurance the most appropriate for rapidly developing nations, with high levels of private provision in higher education?
  • What examples of embedded quality assurance cultures exist that might be applied effectively and quickly to mixed economies of higher education?

£15,000 is attached to this project, which is to be undertaken in collaboration with the British Council.

Expressions of interest must be submitted using the template by 12 noon on 25 January 2016.