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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Higher Education Review - Wales

The overall aim of Higher Education Review is to inform students and other members of the public whether a provider meets the expectations of the higher education sector for:​

  • the setting and/or maintenance of academic standard
  • the provision of learning opportunities
  • the provision of information
  • the enh​ancement of the quality of students’ learning opportunities.

Higher Education Review: Wales replaces Institutional Review (Wales) from 2014-15.

How the method works

Higher Education Review: Wales has been developed to help support the higher education policy context in Wales. It is carried out by staff and students from other providers (known as peer reviewers) and ends with the publication of a report containing judgements and other findings from the review.

Students are at the heart of Higher Education Review: Wales. One member of the review team is a student, and there are also opportunities for students to take part in reviews of their own providers by contributing a student submission, meeting the review team, and working with their providers in response to review outcomes.

Higher Education Review: Wales - A handbook for providers (revised draft for consultation) goes into more detail.

Student engagement

The student representative body, along with the provider, will be asked to provide a brief report before the visit on areas covered by review. More guidance and information about this report is included in the Handbook.

There will be a Mid-process student-focused engagement (MSE) three years after a review. Its purpose is to provide feedback on progress since the last QAA review, with a particular focus on the student experience.

Read our Survival Guide for Lead Student Representatives.​

Welsh language provision

In planning, conducting and reporting on reviews in Wales, QAA is committed to treating the Welsh and English languages as equal, and taking into account the requirements and expectations of Welsh Language Standards. For further information, see Annex 9 of the Handbook and QAA's Welsh Language Scheme.

Publishing information about reviews

Eligible QAA subscribers can display the Quality Mark. Providers who are eligible but not QAA subscribers can display the QAA Review Graphic. Further information is provided on our page that details how we review higher education.

View the current p​​rogramme of reviews​

Key reference points

The key reference point used in this review method is the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, which can be found in our section on assuring standards and quality.