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QAA awarded contract to deliver quality assurance for GOsC

Date 12/05/2015

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) has renewed its contract with QAA to provide quality assurance for all UK training courses undertaken by students who wish to qualify as an osteopath.

Osteopathic training courses generally lead to a university-validated bachelor's or master's degree in osteopathy. Training usually consists of four years of full-time study, five years part-time or a mixture of full and part-time. There are also courses with accelerated learning pathways for doctors and physiotherapists.

The GOsC recognition of a qualification confirms that the course prepares students to practise osteopathy in accordance with the GOsC's Osteopathic Practice Standards. All osteopaths in the UK, wherever they work, must be registered with the GOsC.

There are currently 11 providers offering GOsC-recognised training programmes and approximately 300 students obtain qualifications from these programmes every year. Quality assurance has been delivered by QAA for the GOsC for over 10 years.

GOsC Chief Executive Tim Walker said: 'We are delighted to be continuing to work with QAA and we value our partnership with them in assuring the quality of osteopathic training for the benefit of patients.'

Dr David Gale, Assistant Director QAA, said: 'We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the General Osteopathic Council as we work with them to develop an improved review method for quality assuring their training courses in the future.'

The GOsC is now consulting with QAA over the development of a new review method.

The new contract between QAA and the GOsC will run until 2018.​