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M5 Group update

Date 18/10/2016

​In March 2016, Jisc, QAA and HESA formed the M5 Group. Through this collaborative endeavor, we are working to ensure that each organisation provides efficient and effective support for the higher education sector.

The M5 Group is thinking creatively and long-term about improvements we can deliver. But there are also some immediate deliverables that we will be implementing over the next few months. These include:
  • The design and implementation of customer relationship management systems at both HESA and QAA, using the expertise of Jisc. This will enable us all to deliver high-quality, responsive and targeted communications to our members and customers.​
  • Collaboratively managed IT service desks to enable us to share expertise from across the three organisations to provide quick and accurate technological support to internal and external users.
  • The development of an estates strategy which will promote agile working and the maximization of space. This has already begun with QAA sharing Jisc’s London office.
Longer term plans include developing shared business continuity and information security resources, and collaborating on large-scale IT projects and application development. Every project will be predicated on providing value for money and improved service for HE providers and sector stakeholders.

To support the development of these long and short-term projects, the M5 Group has recently appointed a Programme Manager with project leads meeting weekly to oversee the different strands.

Paul Clark, Chief Executive of HESA said:

“With whole HE sector facing financial pressures it’s essential that organisations supporting higher education do so efficiently and in a spirit of collaboration. The M5 Group is already showing tangible results from this approach and we look forward to demonstrating further benefits to the whole sector”.