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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education

​​​​​​​​New Expectations and practices published for the UK Quality Code

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education has undergone significant redevelopment. Following extensive consultation across the UK higher education sector, the Expectations and practices of the new Code have now been published by QAA and on the UKSCQA website. The full Code, including the advice and guidance that underpins the Expectations and practices, is scheduled for publication in November 2018.

Read the n​ew Quality Code Expectations and practices

The Quality Code consultation was coordinated by QAA on behalf of the UKSCQA and took place between October and December 2017. An analysis of the consultation responses (PDF, 475KB) is available on the UKSCQA website.

​Transitional arrangements

Transitional arrangements for moving to the new Code as a reference point for quality assessment reviews vary across the nations. Those providers undergoing a review in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland will be asked to reference the current Code as part of the review method until August 2019, as will alternative providers in England undergoing annual monitoring and other review-related activities. Quality Review Visits in England will also be undertaken with reference to the existing Code until June 2018. The new Expectations and practices of the Code underpin the quality and standards conditions of registration that new providers will need to meet when seeking OfS registration.​