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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Working UK wide

​​We work across all four nations of the UK to protect the standards and improve the quality of higher education. We tailor the way that we work across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, in order to meet the needs of each nation. We do this because each nation has devolved responsibility for education, different higher education sectors and differing funding and policy contexts.​

We dedicate sections of our website to our work in ​ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland. ​These introductory pages are the best place to begin to find out more about our work in each nation.


The Scottish higher education sector takes a unique approach to assuring quality and enhancing higher education. To best meet the needs of students and providers in Scotland, we have a dedicated team, QAA Scotland, who ensure that the approach meets both Scotland’s distinctive needs and delivers UK-wide comparability.

Our guide QAA Scotland: Who we are and what we do​ explains the role that we play in the Scottish higher education sector and how we work in partnership with Universities Scotland, The Scottish Funding Council, NUS Scotland and sparqs.​


In Wales​ the body that funds and regulates higher education has created a new Quality Assessment Framework. We are​ working to design a new review method for Wales that meets the requirements of this Framework and delivers effective external quality review for Wales.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland shares its approach with that operating in England.