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Teaching Excellence Framework

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The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is being introduced by the Government and aims to recognise and reward excellent learning and teaching. The Government’s White Paper, 'Success as a Knowledge Economy: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice'  sets out the broad delivery framework for the TEF across years 1 to 4 and covers the operation of the TEF in years​ 1 and 2. ​

list of both publically-funded and private providers of higher education who meet the eligibility requirements for participation in Year 1 of the TEF, has now been published. These requirements are set out in the Government’s White Paper.  ​

TEF Year 2 Implementation

QAA is part of the TEF team that has been established with the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to implement Year 2 of the TEF. ​Year 2 of the TEF will be based on the specification developed by the Department for Education (DfE) after the recent Technical Consultation.  

A Project Board has been established to oversee the implementation and the Chair of the TEF panel, Professor Chris Husbands, was appointed in August 2016. A complete list of TEF assessors and panel members has also been published. 

The closing date for providers who are eligible to take part in TEF Year 2 to produce their submissions is 12pm on 26 January. The final list of providers and final rating they have received for TEF Year 2 will be published in Spring 2017. 

Further information and guidance​

During Autumn 2016 HEFCE and QAA delivered a number of provider briefings to the sector and webinars detailing information on provisional awards and metrics. Slides from the briefings ​and both webinars​ are available to download and view on HEFCE's website.

The Student Guide to the Teaching Excellence Framework has been published and is available to download. 

Providers have been asked to nominate a TEF contact who will receive information relating to TEF. A lis​t of these contacts can be found on HEFCE's website. If you wish to nominate a contact from your provider, or update the current contact listed, please email tef@hefce.ac.uk

For further information about TEF Year 2, please see www.hefce.ac.uk/lt/tef​ ​or contact tef@hefce.ac.uk​