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Further information

If you require any further guidance on how to apply for degree awarding powers and university title, please contact us​ for further information.

Fee structure

​Initial application fees

We charge an application fee of £2,500, which should be paid by cheque at the time of application.

Where it is necessary to undertake a fact-finding visit prior to any detailed scrutiny, a fee of £5,000 will be charged in advance of the visit.

Detailed scrutiny fees

Once the Advisory Committee on Degree Awarding Powers (ACDAP) has agreed to proceed to detailed scrutiny of an application, fees are payable as follows.

Foundation degree awarding powers


Taught degree awarding powers


Taught and research degree awarding powers


Research degree awarding powers


University title

The guidance is under review. Fees will be reviewed in light of any changes.  


Additional fees

Scrutiny fees cover costs of a typical scrutiny incurred up to, and including, a scrutiny team final report to ACDAP.  Where the number of visits by members of the scrutiny team exceeds that of a typical scrutiny, additional fees will be payable at a rate of £750 per individual observation and will be notified to you in good time. If an ACDAP sub-panel visit or other form of follow-up visit is required, a charge of £2,000 will be made to the applicant. 

Should any substantial additional expenditure be incurred as part of a detailed scrutiny, a further charge may be made to ensure costs are recovered. Since the amount of further work required may vary between applications, any additional charges will be set individually for payment at the end of the process. Advance notification of any such charge will be given.