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The Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area

​With key partners, we seek to support the higher education sector in engaging with and benefiting from the Bologna Process. The Bologna Process is a ministerial initiative of some 47 countries with the overall aim of creating a European Higher Education Area (EHEA) of comparable, compatible and coherent systems of higher education in Europe. From 2010, the next decade of the EHEA will focus on consolidating progress to date.​

Together with Universities Scotland, the Scottish Funding Council, NUS and others we are members of the Scottish Bologna Stakeholders Group, promoting Scotland's engagement in the EHEA and helping ensure that the views and needs of higher education in Scotland can inform the ongoing development of the EHEA. With our partners we believe that developments in Scotland have a lot to offer the EHEA and seek to raise awareness across the EHEA of the Scottish higher education sector.


Our work around the Bologna Process

  • ​Scotland has verified that its national higher education framework is compatible with that of the EHEA.
  • We are the national correspondent for the EHEA Framework.
  • With Universities Scotland, we maintain the national descriptor for the European Diploma Supplement (PDF 283 KB).​
  • The creation of a European recognition of prior learning (RPL) network. This is in addition to a Scottish RPL network for ​higher education institutions​, which enables members to share and learn from RPL practice in Scotland and internationally.
  • In February 2010 we held an International Bologna Seminar in collaboration with the Scottish Government on recognition of prior learning in Brussels. Follow-up work on this includes a collection of case studies on RPL from across the EHEA.
  • We are also planning a second International Bologna Seminar on the research degree student experience, in collaboration with the Scottish Government and the European University Association-Council for Doctoral Education. ​