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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education


​​​QAA has a separate Scottish office, known as QAA Scotland, to develop and operate quality assurance and enhancement arrangements that reflect the needs of higher education in Scotland. The QAA Scotland Committee has overall responsibility for our work.​


Review and develo​pment servic​es

Our work covers a broad range of review and development services aimed at supporting the assurance and enhancement of higher education in Scotland. You can learn more about our Enhancement-led institutional review method (ELIR) and ​our development and enhanceme​nt services in other areas of the website.
Much of our work is part of the quality enhancement framework and we support and make use of the UK-wide Academic Infrastructure while developing it specifically for the Scottish sector.​

Working in partnership​

A strong feature of our work is 'partnership'. We work closely with staff and students throughout the higher education sector, along with the following organisations (all links open in new windows):

Engaging with students is integral to what we do. Every ELI​R team includes a full student member and students are represented on all our working groups and committees. We work closely with NUS Scotland and are one of the partners in student participation in quality scotland (sparqs).
We also aim to ensure that our work is informed by international perspectives and contributions, including developments in the Bologna Process and the creation of the European Higher Education Area.

For information about our development and enhancement work, please contact the QAA Scotland office on 0141 572 3420. 

Directions to the QAA Scotland office, along with full contact details can be found on the mai​n con​tact page. ​