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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Review activities

We report comprehensively on our review activities, which cover three broad categories:

  • reviewing standards and quality in higher education provision (our largest volume of work)
  • regulation of Access Validating Agencies for the Access to Higher Education Diploma
  • consideration of applications for degree-awarding powers and university title.

Standards and quality in higher education provision

We review UK higher education provided by universities, colleges and a range of other providers. Every review results in a report made publicly available on our website.

Depending on the type of higher education provision, we use different review methods. For example, a university that subscribes to QAA undergoes a different review method from a further education college offering higher education courses validated by another institution. All our review methods are rigorous, robust and built on the principle of peer review. Full details of all our review methods are publicly available, and we publish all review reports on this website. To find a particular higher education provider's report you can search alphabetically or filter by publication date.

We also publish full details of our appeals procedures for providers. Since higher educaton policy differs in the four countries of the UK, you may find it useful to use the separate web areas for Scotland, Wales/Cymru and Northern Ireland. We also have dedicated pages for our international work.

If you wish to consult older institution reports and those undertaken using review methods that are no longer in operation, please contact us.

Regulation of the Access to Higher Education Diploma

Our work regulating Access to Higher Educ​ation is explained in more detail on our dedicated website: www.accesstohe.ac.uk (opens in a new window). This website also contains the following information (all links open in new windows):

Applications for degree-awarding powers and university title

Information about how we consider applications for degree-awarding powers and university title, in order to advise the Privy Council, is given in a dedicated section of this website. The release of records relating to this aspect of our work is governed by our disclosure policy.

Information publication scheme introduction