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News and briefings

​We communicate clearly about all our work and projects, aiming to reach all audiences and interested parties and to provide suitable information for them. In addition to the many types of information that we make available (see menu on the left), we have frequently asked questions to help users of this website with any remaining queries they may have.

We provide specific information for some of our main audiences:


The area of this website dedicated to students provides a range of useful information, including brief guides to our review methods.

Higher education providers and their staff

Much of our work involves consultation with the higher education sector and the public. We advertise our activities - such as consultations and related events - through circular letters to interested parties, through press releases to the media, and through news items published on this website.

We​ use social ​media (PDF 28 KB) and JISCmail to spread the word. 


To make this website useful to employers, we have an employers' page with FAQs.

Information publication scheme​ introduction