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​​We make available a range of records relating to the management of our organisation.

Please note that in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 some data relating to individuals is exempt, information relating to the security of our systems or premises will not be disclosed and much financial information is available only in redacted or summary form, to protect confidentiality.

Our Directorate and general management

This website contains a wide range of general information about us and our work. Our Directorate is responsible for the senior management of our organisation, to achieve our strategic aims. See the se​ction about our Directorate to find out more about our Directors and their responsibilities, or to consult their register of interests.

The general management of our affairs is governed by a range of published policies, relating to corporate affairs, review work, internal affairs and human resources. The internal affairs policies include our financial strategy (PDF 173KB)​. Our staff handbook is available upon request from our Enquiries team.

Reviewer selection and recruitment

Information on our procedures for recruiting and selecting reviewers can be found on our pages dedicated to reviewer appointment.

Management of physical assets

We make the following information available about our premises and assets in Gloucester and Glasgow:

Details of our insurance policies through Arthur Gallagher Insurance
Brokers - 2015-16

Commercial (Office)Combined

ACE European Group Ltd – Charity Scheme – UKSCMC48279/145

Terrorism and Sabotage

Northern Marine Underwriters Limited TSP041100557

Engineering/Computers (including terrorism)

INK Underwriting Agencies Ltd. - CA822231

Professional Indemnity with Directors and Officers

Primary cover - Axa Insurance UK plc - BM MLP 6803167

Secondary Cover - Liberty International / Chubb Insurance Co.

Business Travel

ACE Europe UKBBBO03727114


Further information

Information about our leas​es are available via contact with our Enquiries team.