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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Guidance and research

​We produce a wide range of guidance relating to the setting and maintenance of standards and quality in higher education. All of this is publicly available and can be found in the website section on assuring standards and quality. We also support institutions in their work to enhance the quality of the learning opportunities they offer. Our work in this area can be found in the section on improving higher education.

Below is a summary of the different classes of guidance we produce, and where to find them on the website (see also the separate pages in the information publication scheme for Scotland and Wales/Cymru).

Assuring standards and quality​

The guidance we produce for the setting and maintenance of standards falls principally into these categories:

Improving higher education

Our reports on standards and quality result in numerous findings of good practice, as well as recommendations for improvement. An important part of our work is to review these key findings and produce summary information that is useful for higher educ​ation providers in enhancing the education they offer. 

Some of our work on enhancement of higher education is done by exploring particular themes, and we publish a range of information on these findings, including:

Information publication scheme intro​duction