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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education


​​​Through this website, or by contacting us, we provide access to information about how we are governed, our legal status, how decisions are made and what our responsibilities are, as follows.

Our Board

We provide publicly available information about our Board, including: membership and profiles of Board members; the Board's code of best practice; Board minutes (from October 2006) and papers (unreserved business, from March 2010); and the registers of interests of Board members and its committee members. For all this information please refer to th​e section about our Board​.

Legal status

We make available the following information about our legal status:

Annual general meeting

Minutes of our Annual General Meetings are available on request from info@qaa.ac.uk.


Students and the public expect us to safeguard standards and improve the quality of higher education. In pursuing this mission we are accountable to our subscribers, to the funding councils and to other bodies with which we have contracts or agreements. The following information is available about our commitments and responsibilities:

We make available the following documentation to show how we are fulfilling these obligations:

We also make available the following document, demonstrating how we hold ourselves to high ethical standards: