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Committee membership

QAA operates seven Board committees and an Honorary Treasurer Role. Details of Committee memberships, along with registers of interests can be found below. Registers of interest can be found on our Board page. Further details of our committees can be found below.

Honorary Treasurer

In June 2017, QAA's Board appointed its first Honorary Treasurer. The Treasurer will provide assurance to the Board that the financial functions of QAA are carried out with due diligence and, in conjunction with the Director of Resources, will provide regular reports to the Board on QAA's financial health. Linda Duncan, our Honourary Treasurer, was appointed in June 2017.

Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)

The ARC monitors internal control systems and ensures that risks are managed properly through promoting accountability and transparency. The ARC Terms of Reference are available here (PDF, 25KB).

This committee consists of the following Board members, whose register of interests can be found on the Board page :

  • Chris Banks CBE
  • Linda Duncan
  • Professor Andrew Wathey
  • Andy Smart (independent member).

Andy Smart

Present position:
Member of the QAA Audit Committee

Current connections with HE institutions (other than employment):
Member of the Employers Advisory Board, Worcester Business School; Member of the Pershore Forward group, Pershore College; part of the Warwickshire Colleges group (representing Wick Parish Council)

Connections with other professional and subject-based bodies:

Connections with other bodies:
Chairman - Number 8 limited (community arts centre; charity); Chairman - Generali PanEurope Limited (Irish insurance company); Director - Generali International Limited and Generali Worldwide Insurance Company Limited (Guernsey insurance companies)

Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC)

The NRC advises the QAA Board on the terms and conditions, remuneration and performance of the Chief Executive and Directors. It oversees matters relating to the effectiveness of the Board and advises on procedures and the appointment of independent directors. The NRC Terms of Reference are available here (PDF, 19KB).

This committee is made up of the following Board members, whose register of interests are listed on the Board page :

  • Chris Banks CBE (Chair)
  • Professor Joy Carter
  • Oliver Johnson
  • Jon Prichard
  • Professor Philip Winn.

Access Recognition and Licensing Committee (ARLC)

See the ARLC page on the Access to Higher Education website (opens in new window) for full details on this committee.

Advisory Committee on Degree Awarding Powers (ACDAP)

See the ACDAP page for this committee's register of interests.

QAA Scotland Strategic Advisory Committee

This Committee comprises:

  • the QAA Board member(s) from Scotland
  • QAA's Director of Nations and International (ex-officio)
  • two senior representatives of Universities Scotland (provision for higher education in further education, wider higher education sector)
  • a senior representative of the Scottish Funding Council
  • a senior representative of the Scottish government.
  • a senior elected representative of NUS Scotland.​

QAA Student Advisory Committee

See the Student Advisory Committee page for further details on this committee.

QAA Wales Strategic Advisory Committee

This Committee comprises:

  • the QAA Board member(s) from Wales (ex officio)
  • QAA's Director of Nations and International (ex officio)
  • a senior representative of Colleges Wales
  • a senior representative of Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol
  • two nominees of Universities Wales
  • a senior Elected Representative of NUS Wales.