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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

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Concepts of Quality


What is Concepts of Quality?

​​​​​This online training course provides key information about ​how and why we have quality in higher education. It is deliberately short, approximately 60 minutes, ​and delivered in a way that is designed to aid retention of the information.

We plan for this to be the first course in a professional development programme on quality in higher education.

Who is it for?

You might find this course useful if you:

  • are new to working in higher education
  • have been given a quality related to task in your role
  • work with an organisation that is closely linked to higher education, such as a Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body or Government body
  • have an interest in quality in higher education​​
  • are looking to work with a higher education provider that has quality assurance processes
  • are a partner of a higher education provider, either in-country or an overseas partner
  • are part of a students union or association or student liaison team responsible for recruiting course or quality committee reps
  • are looking to get degree awarding powers.

What are the benefits?

  • Learn about the concepts behind quality in higher education.
  • Refresh your knowledge of why we have quality in higher education.
  • Embed a culture of quality within your organisation, ideal for induction.
  • Find out the types of activities that can be quality assured in higher education.
  • Learn about different methods of quality assurance regulation.
  • Online course that can be taken anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Short course that delivers information in a user friendly way and can be taken on different platforms and devices.
  • Certificate provided after successful completion.

​What will I learn from this course?

  • what quality assurance in higher education is
  • why it is important
  • w​​​ho is responsible
  • what quality in higher education is​
  • what we mean by self-assessment
  • what we mean by external regulation
  • different approaches to quality around the world
  • terminology used when talking about quality assurance in higher education.

How do I access the course?

​The course is available from our online training store (opens in new window). When you visit and click on to Concepts of Quality (​opens in new window), you will see sample slides. These show what you can expect from the course. You can view these before purchasing the course.