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Operational focus 

Curriculum design and implementation 


This section is about the operational and practical aspects of designing, delivering and evaluating WBL. It is intended for those involved in the detailed daily processes rather than the decision makers who will decide the policies. It is about tactics rather than strategies, though you need to be aware of overarching drivers and constraints as well as underpinning knowledge about learning.

This section looks at moving from a traditional campus-based full-time course to a work-based programme for part-time employed students. Think about the key parts of the curriculum. Some will be predetermined, others will be under your control; some will be negotiable with other stakeholders. As you read an aspect, you may find it useful to build up a specific plan related to your own context detailing key ideas, links to explore further, actions to take, and people to contact.

One key advantage of work-based learning as opposed to workplace learning is the use of the work context as a vehicle for learning. Work tasks can be used for learning and assessment, or learning and assessment designs can lead to items of value to the employer.

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