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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education


Student reviewer and other delegates at a QAA event 
We work with a range of partners with an interest in the standards and quality of UK higher education.

We consult and work with many different groups of people who have an interest in the quality of UK higher education. These include: higher education staff; students (both current and potential); employers; professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs); government bodies and higher education funding councils; other bodies representing particular interests within UK higher education; and the European and international higher education sector.

We have a number of channels for consulting and communicating with interested parties and for sharing information with them. For example, whenever new guidance is being prepared, there is an opportunity to contribute to its development via the Consultations tab on our home page. This can be done through  discussion at round-table events, through online surveys, through commenting on draft documents, or by contacting us directly.

Students wishing to contribute to the quality assurance of their education may apply to become student reviewers.

We work closely with academic staff and other partners to produce and maintain the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, which is the key reference point for standards and quality, as well as the subject benchmark statements, which are key to setting standards.

We also work on specific projects across the higher education sector, often leading to the production of bespoke guidance (for example, our 2012 guidance on enterprise and entrepreneurship education).

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