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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

QAA Northern Ireland 

QAA works with the Department for Employment and Learning and higher education institutions to maintain the quality and academic standards of the higher education sector in Northern Ireland.

New activities in Northern Ireland

QAA has been asked by the Department for Employment and Learning to introduce Integrated quality and enhancement review (IQER NI) in full in colleges in Northern Ireland from academic year 2010-11. The review method aims to ensure that further education colleges in Northern Ireland maintain the academic quality and standards of the higher education awards they deliver on behalf of their awarding bodies.

The handbook for IQER NI and student guides to the review process can be accessed in the Types of review section

Review activities in Northern Ireland

The review methods currently operating in Northern Ireland are:

Further information

If you wish to discuss the work of QAA in Northern Ireland further, please contact Barbara Edwards (01452 557190).

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