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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

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Institutional review: Cardiff University, May 2008 
Cardiff University
Date of review Publication date Type of review Judgements about quality and standards Reference
May-2008 26 Sep 2008 Institutional Review: Wales Confidence can be placed in the soundness of the institution's current and likely future management of the quality of its academic programmes and the academic standards of its awards. -
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ISBN 978 1 84482 869 2
Features of good practice Recommendations for action

The review team identified the following areas as being good practice:

  • the systematic formulation and implementation of the University's enhancement strategies
  • the contribution of staff research activity to the quality of teaching and to the quality of student learning opportunities generally
  • the integration of programme development with strategic and resource planning
  • the arrangements established by the University to secure student involvement in quality assurance processes and institution-level committees
  • the effective partnership between the University and the Students' Union to improve the quality of the student learning experience
  • the systematic approach to staff support and professional development.

The review team advises the institution to:

  • ensure that cycles of review activity, both for Periodic Review and Revalidation, and for Quality Progress Review, take place within the timeframes specified in University procedures.

The team considered it desirable for the institution to:

  • consider the need for accountability to the Senate of school-level committees, in the context of the University's framework for the management of academic quality and standards
  • review the policies and procedures for collaborative provision to ensure that the particular risks associated with this area of activity are identified and appropriately managed.

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