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Institutional audit: Royal College of Art, March 2007 
Royal College of Art
Date of review Publication date Type of review Judgements about quality and standards Reference
Mar-2007 16 Aug 2007 Institutional Audit: England and Northern Ireland Confidence can reasonably be placed in the soundness of the institution's present and likely future management of the academic standards of its awards. -
What does this mean?

Confidence can reasonably be placed in the soundness of the institution's present and likely future management of the quality of the learning opportunities available to students. -
What does this mean?

ISBN 978 1 84482 715 2
Features of good practice Recommendations for action

The audit team identified the following areas as good practice:

  • the College's commitment to ensuring that the research students' voice is heard through its student representation mechanisms
  • the proactive approach taken by the College to develop and maximise its network of contacts to support and enhance student learning opportunities.
  • the commitment of the College to the provision of a range of staff development opportunities in support of learning and teaching across the College
  • the students' opportunity to participate as members of admissions boards in support of both the applicant and their own personal development
  • the additional benefits accruing from the internal moderator system in terms of departmental, institutional and interdisciplinary understanding the content of the Research Methods Course and its leadership, management and currency which equips students with excellent skills and research methodology.

Recommendations for action that the audit team considers advisable:

  • develop a mechanism by which the College can assure itself that it has a systematic, ongoing, timely and effective engagement with all elements of the Academic Infrastructure
  • appraise the timeliness with which the College responds to, and/or implements changes in, key areas relevant to the institutional leadership and management of learning opportunities
  • further develop and strengthen the College's policies and procedures for collaborative arrangements
  • review, develop and enhance its quality assurance procedures and consider the merit of publishing them in a single, comprehensive, readily accessible source.
Recommendations for action that the audit team considers desirable:
    • ensure that the tutorial system regulations are implemented consistently across the College, including the issuing of written feedback to all students after each formal assessment
    • establish a personal tutor network for MPhil/PhD students separate from the supervisory team provide training, guidance and support for all PhD students who are granted the opportunity to teach and assess.

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