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Review for Educational Oversight: Chaucer College Canterbury, March 2012 
Chaucer College Canterbury
Date of review Publication date Type of review Judgements about quality and standards Reference
Mar-2012 31 May 2012 Review for Educational Oversight Confidence in how the provider manages its stated responsibilities for the standards of the awards it offers -
What does this mean?

Confidence in how the provider manages its stated responsibilities for the quality and enhancement of the learning opportunities it offers on behalf of its awarding bodies -
What does this mean?

Reliance can be placed on the accuracy and completeness of the information that the provider is responsible for publishing about itself and the programmes it delivers. -
What does this mean?

ISBN 978 1 84979 552 4
Features of good practice Recommendations for action

The team has identified the following good practice:

  • the effective academic and pastoral support
  • the innovative approach to language support facilitated by the employment of residential conversation tutors.

The team considers that it is desirable for the provider to:

  • support staff to engage with the Academic Infrastructure and relevant external reference points to inform teaching
  • improve assessment feedback to more clearly reflect intended learning outcomes, grade descriptors and marking criteria
  • consider the process for sharing external examiners and marking moderators reports with the University to more fully support effective oversight of assessment
  • formalise a framework for staff development that captures the needs of both the individual and the College
  • make the pre-enrolment oral guidance on pedagogic and cultural differences between the UK and Japan available on the College website.

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