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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Improving higher education 

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At the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
not only do we safeguard the standards of UK higher education, we also work to help universities and other providers improve the quality of the learning experience. This is a practice that we often refer to as 'enhancement'.

Our work to enhance the quality of learning opportunities 

We support higher education providers in enhancing the quality of the education they provide, through the sharing of good practice and ideas. This is done by means of a range of publications, research and events.

Each of our higher education reviews results in a report identifying good practice and making recommendations. We provide an overview of these findings, looking separately at the different contexts in which UK higher education is provided. The results of this analysis are published in our Outcomes papers and Information Bulletins, which are intended to be useful resources for quality managers and those who design academic programmes of study.

Two of our review methods - Institutional Review (England and Northern Ireland) and Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (Scotland) - involve the exploration of a particular theme, providing an opportunity to look in more detail at a specific aspect of the student experience. In Scotland this work informs the Enhancement Themes publications.

In addition, we are sometimes commissioned to conduct research into particular issues or aspects of UK higher education, the results of which we make available on this website.

Seeking to cultivate a climate of debate and collaboration that supports improvement, we also host events and publish discussion papers, such as the Talking about quality series, inviting feedback from all interested in the quality of UK higher education - from students and parents to policy makers and senior academics.

In August 2013, we published a suite of guidance documents (for higher education providers and current and prospective students) intended to encourage the provision of clear and transparent information about higher education learning. These cover workload, class size, staff teaching qualifications, and how institutions respond to student feedback.

If you have expertise in higher education provision there may be ways that you can contribute to our work.

New enhancement initiatives

For information about the enhancement initiatives that we are undertaking from autumn 2012, please read our introductory leaflet (PDF 48.8KB).

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