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Statements in development 

Statements under consideration or in development

The following are disciplines in which an expression of interest in developing a new statement has been received during the last 12 months, or a proposal to develop a new statement is being considered, or a new statement is currently in development.

Conservation (historic objects)
Creative writing
Librarianship and information management (master's)
Sports Therapy
Theology and religious studies (master's)
Veterinary nursing
The development of new benchmark statements is guided by the recognition scheme for subject benchmarking.

Statements under consultation

Once developed to draft stage, statements are subject to consultation.
There are currently no statements under consultation.

Review of statements

We have committed to initiating a review of existing subject benchmark statements no later than five years after they were originally developed or seven years following a first review. A programme of review is currently underway.

Further information

If you would like to know more, or if you are a subject representatives wishing to be involved in the benchmarking process, please contact us:

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