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Master's degree subjects 

Subject benchmark statements explaining what achievement is expected at master's level 

We have published subject benchmark statements for master's degrees in the following areas, some of which are integrated with honours degrees in the subject.

Business and Management
Counselling and psychotherapy
Criminology (2014)
Engineering (MEng)
Forensic science
Mathematics, statistics and operational research (MMath)
Pharmacy (MPharm)
Veterinary science

See also the benchmark statements for qualifying awards for professions in Scotland.

Development of the master's level statements

The decision to develop the master's level subject benchmark statements followed from a discussion event on benchmarking in February 2006. A further round table discussion meeting in December 2007 provided an opportunity for participants to share and explore perceptions, experiences and concerns surrounding the delivery of UK master's programmes and the wider context for UK higher education in Europe.

Read the report of the February 2006 discussion event.
Read the report on the December 2007 round table discussion.

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