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Honours degree subjects 

Subject benchmark statements explaining the core competencies at honours degree level 

Subject benchmark statements for bachelor's degrees with honours are available in the following subjects.
See also the benchmark statements for qualifying awards for professions in Scotland.

Accounting (2007)
Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, food and consumer sciences (2009) ; note 1 
Anthropology (2007)
Archaeology (2007)
Architectural technology (2007)
Architecture (2010)   
Area studies (2008) 
Art and design (2008) ; note 2 
Biomedical science (2007)
Biosciences (2007)
Construction, property and surveying (2008) ; note 3
Chemistry (2007) 
Classics and ancient history (including Byzantine Studies and Modern Greek) (2007)

Communication, media, film and cultural studies (2008)
Computing (2007)
Counselling and psychotherapy (2013)
Criminology (2014)
Dance, drama and performance (2007)
Dentistry (2002)
Early childhood studies (2007)
Earth sciences, environmental sciences and environmental studies (2007)
Economics (2007)
Education studies (2007)
Engineering (2010) ; note 4 
English (2007)
Finance (2007) 
Forensic science (2012)
General business and management (2007)
Geography (2007)
Health studies (2008)
History (2007)
History of art, architecture and design 2008 ; note 2

Hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism (2008)
Housing studies (2007)
Landscape architecture (2007)
Languages and related studies (2007)
Law (2007)
Librarianship and information management (2007)
Linguistics (2007)
Materials (2008)
Mathematics, statistics and operational research (2007)
Annex to Mathematics, statistics and operational research to cover integrated master's degrees (2009) 
Medicine (2002)
Music (2008)
Optometry (2007)
Osteopathy (2007)
Philosophy (2007)
Physics, astronomy and astrophysics (2008)
Politics and international relations (2007)
Psychology (2010) ; note 5
Social policy and administration (2007) ; note 6
Social work (2008) ; note 6
Sociology (2007)
Theology and religious studies (2007)
Town and country planning (2008)
Veterinary science (2002)
Welsh (2008) / Cymraeg (2008)
Youth and community work (2009)

1 Following a review, the revised statement for Agriculture, forestry, agricultural sciences, food sciences and consumer sciences has been published under the title of Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, food and consumer sciences.

2 Art and design and History of art, architecture and design are two separate statements published together.

3 Following a review, the revised statement for Building and surveying has been published under the cover of Construction, property and surveying.

4 The subject benchmark statement for engineering was revised in November 2010, replacing the previous version published in June 2006.

5 In October 2010, factual update was made to paragraph 1.4 of the statement for psychology. The statement remains otherwise unchanged.

6 Following a review, revised statements for Social policy and administration, and Social work have been published under separate covers.

7 Please note, all of our subject benchmark statements are downloadable and can only be found on our website (printed copies are no longer available).

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