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Health professions 

Statements benchmarking academic and practitioner standards in health care subjects 

These statements are for benchmarking academic and practitioner standards in health care subjects. They are drafted by working groups that include academics, practitioners and representatives of the health care professional and statutory regulatory bodies. They underpin the programme of Major Review of healthcare education and training.

The following benchmark statements are available.
See also the benchmark statements for qualifying awards for professions in Scotland.

Arts therapy
Clinical psychology
Clinical sciences
Dental care professions
Health visiting
Occupational therapy
Operating department practice
Paramedic science
Prosthetics and orthotics
Speech and language therapy

When were they produced and who funded them?

The first group of statements was prepared in 2001 and funded by the departments of health in the UK. In 2004, the Department of Health (England) contracted QAA to facilitate the preparation of further statements.

Do they need to be reviewed?

A review of the subject benchmark statements for the health professions is currently under discussion within the healthcare sector. An update will be provided when the outcome of these discussions becomes clear.

Statement of common purpose

The Statement of common purpose for subject benchmark statements for the health and social care professions builds on and replaces the emerging health professions framework. It is designed to be associated with subject-specific benchmark statements in health and social care. This statement provides a framework for the shared context upon which the education and training of healthcare staff rests. It was developed by a cross-disciplinary team, representing key health professions.

Further details concerning the development of the statement, and the membership of the steering group responsible for its development, can be found in the final report of the Department of Health benchmarking project (Phase 2) and in the introduction to the statement itself.

Department of Health benchmarking project (Phase 2), final report

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