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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Ongoing work 

Review of subject benchmark statements

During 2013-15, QAA will be reviewing, and if necessary, revising all published subject benchmark statements. Further details about the review are available, including information about how you can express interest in being involved.

Quality Code website redevelopment

Work is underway to redevelop the web presentation of the Quality Code. The aim is to design an interactive platform which will enable users to access the information they need more effectively. We have collected feedback from existing users via a number of focus groups, and are using this to develop an initial concept and design. We are recording progress with this work on our blog and we invite you to post any comments and suggestions there.

Future review and revision

An indicative schedule for the future review and revision of the Quality Code is now available.

Completion of the development and revision of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education

The final elements of the Quality Code to go through the process of development and revision were published on 31 October 2013. These were:

Materials from the consultation events are also available.

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